• 30-year-old lawyer and Töölö native
  • Vice member of the Helsinki City Council
  • Works as an advisor in Labour Market policy
  • Spent part of his childhood in San Diego, worked in Brussels for one autumn
  • Studied an MSc degree in EU politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Training to break four hours at the Stockholm Marathon on 3rd June 2017
  • Relentless reformer, optimistic activist and constructive debater

Following my extensive experience in civil organisations, I have come to evaluate the idea that individualisation within society has gone too far, and the feeling of connectedness has given room to maximising everyone’s personal short-term benefits.


I am involved in politics, because I want to promote long-term-oriented decision-making and help those who are in most need of support.


Years of active involvement in Finnish and international organisations have equipped me with skills to make a sustainable positive impact while adapting to diverse teams and uniquely evolving circumstances. I have learned to negotiate constructively, carefully obtain and filter relevant information and learn from previous mistakes – those of my own and others’.


After my time in London and at LSE, I long for an international environment that facilitates exchange of diverse ideas. In my ideal working environment, people work together to solve some of the most challenging problems of tomorrow.

``This is what I have done in my previous positions of trust in municipal politics and different organisations, and I would like to continue this work at the Helsinki City Council.``

During my studies in law, I held various positions in the public sector and private companies, as well as in non-governmental organisations. Working with immaterial property rights at Attorneys Backström & Co familiarised me with the principles of reporting. On the other hand, I witnessed how policy-making directly affects people’s lives while working as a prison guard and a bailiff. Of all the different positions I have held in the NGO sector, I most enjoyed my role as the president of the Akava student delegation. Akava is a trade union confederation for those with a university, professional or other high level education.


Akava’s former president Matti Viljanen taught me that the most important things in politics are networking, trustworthiness, use of reliable information – and hard work. Viljanen’s example as a leader demonstrated to me that the best way to empower employees is to provide them with challenging enough tasks. During my term as the president of Akava, the student delegation cooperated with various political and non-political actors to contribute to a more sustainable pension system. As a result of these efforts, the Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi published its first official employment and pension plan. In addition to participating in the preparation of this document, I lobbied the plan to Finnish labour market organisations.


While I was working as a preparatory committee member for the Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi in 2012-2013, we had a significant role in the development of the EU Youth Guarantee programme. Representing the Finnish youth organisations at a governmental youth guarantee working group, I emphasised the special needs of immigrant youths regarding employment. I also gave a speech on the youth guarantee at Baltic Sea Forum in St. Petersburg in April 2013.

``In the 2012 municipal election, I was a first-time runner and got elected as a vice member. It’s time to take the next step.``

Ted Apter

p. 040 750 7731