The lawyer representing you

I’m a 34-year-old resident of Töölö with a law degree from the University of Helsinki and a degree from LSE in EU politics. My career includes positions in both the public and private sectors. I currently work as a special advisor in economic affairs and employment, with a focus on accelerating our economic growth.


Growing up, I was influenced by many languages, cultures and locations: from pre-primary education that spanned four languages to living in London, Brussels, California and Helsinki. In my experience contrasting backgrounds and diverse teams produce the best results.


I am an elected member of the Helsinki City Council and a member of the Education Committee. For me, providing better opportunities for everyone is of paramount importance. One of my successful initiatives focuses on increasing financial and economic literacy at all levels of education. Another requires the city to measure and improve the quality of pre-primary education.


Daycares and kindergartens are an investment in the future of our entire society. It is the root causes of intolerance, hate speech and distrust that must be addressed. The aim of my work in politics is to be inclusive and leave no one behind.


Polarised social media debates with witty oneliners are not representative of municipal politics. In my twenty years of volunteering and working across NGOs and advocacy groups, teamwork and finding the common ground are essential to success. Openness to cross-party co-operation and willingness to dive deep into the issues are vital to a just, balanced outcome.

Please feel free to contact me, if there is anything you want to ask about.


Ted Apter
p. 040 750 7731