1. Helsinki competes with Stockholm – not with Turku

A prosperous and growing capital city attracts investments and talent – both domestic and international – to Finland. We need to set up an “International House Helsinki” according to the Copenhagen model.


1. Helsinki into a global talent hub – support, networks and knowledge to companies

2. Smarter integration – a combination of language training, mentoring and work

3. Tallinn tunnel – connection to continental Europe

2. Urban life – and the supporting services

Helsinki is the only metropolis in Finland, and this has to show more clearly in the daily life of the people in the region. Currently, there are five trams per hour from Kallio to Töölö on Saturday evenings – and only until midnight. City services should be available 24/7 and on mobile.


1. One centralised service phone line number and chat for Helsinki residents

2. More frequent public transport links at night and weekends

3. The Helsinki railway station yard is congested – need for the City Rail Loop (Pisararata)

3. Credit to education

Every young person needs a place to study after comprehensive school. The more highly educated the youth are, the better they will do in the job market. Everyone has to be provided with an opportunity to learn new skills and develop their expertise.


1. Secondary education study place guarantee to every young person

2. A trial for free part-time early childhood education

3. Need to coordinate the talent market in Helsinki in a similar manner as tourism services are coordinated via Visit Helsinki